24 & 25 september Kurashi-Workshops op het Ambacht in Beeld Festival NDSM Amsterdam, zie www.ambachtinbeeldfestival.nl

Kurashi specializes in hand-stitching leather

Kurashi is a specialist in the luxury craft of saddle-stitching. Each product is stitched together by hand completely; stitch by stitch, so without a sewing machine!
This is an old craft technique that originated in the saddlery world, hence the name 'saddler-stitch'. This technique  produces a beautiful stitch that is very sturdy and durable, which no sewing machine can match.


About the maker

Making something beautiful with full attention and craftsmanship, that's what I stand for. This dedication to the profession, where quality trumps quantity, is the core value from which I work. This also means that I only work with the best, sustainable and ecologically responsible materials and techniques; the feel is good, from the base to the finished product. 
My name is Ilona Prins, I had been working as a surgical assistant for about thirty years when I decided it was time to follow my dream, Kurashi became reality. During my work in the hospital I studied at the art academy (Minerva and Rietveld) and I completed the training as a Skilled Bag Designer/Maker at 'Het Leerlokaal' in Arnhem. I also attended various courses and masterclasses in the field of hand stitching leather. I have further perfected the technique of saddle-stitching and the specialist techniques that go with it.

Local and small-scale studio in the historic city center of Kampen

I make all design bags and accessories completely by hand in my own studio in Kampen. The traditional technique of saddle-stitching is a time-consuming process with a beautiful luxurious end result. Each product is unique and made with full attention.

Meaning Kurashi

Kurashi has meaning in two languages. In Japanese: 'quiet, calm life'. The feeling evoked by the atmosphere in nature at the end of a summer day when dusk falls and everything slows down. In Papiamento it means 'courage'. For me, Kurashi is: 'live courageously and calmly'. I feel a personal connection with both Aruba and Japan. In Aruba I found love and in Japan I found the respect for old crafts, the attention to details and inspiration for minimalist designs.